Legalization Section

Important steps towards getting documents legalized at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia:
  • Please send your documents for legalization to the following address:

Saudi Consular Section

Legalization department

201 Sussex Dr. Ottawa, ON, K1N 1K6


XPRESS CANADA POST envelope with your complete address and telephone number. Please keep a copy of the tracking number for future reference.​

Please note that the consular section reserves the right to refuse the legalization of any document based on the Saudi government rules and regulations.

  • ​Please fill the form and send it with documents

Legalization of export documents




(The consular section only legalizes documents pertaining to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Documents required:

  1. Documents that are related to goods being shipped to Saudi Arabia are required to be attested by a local Canadian Chamber of commerce or board of trade.
  2. Export Information Sheet (EIS FORM.docEIS FORM.doc) : Please fill the form provided. It must be completed fully and accurately, then signed and stamped by the company preparing the form.
  3. Documents required for any shipment to Saudi Arabia are not determined by the consular section. However every set of commercial documents for authentication must include at least a commercial invoice and a certificate of origin.
  4. Covering letter: A cover letter identifying the nature of the documents and requesting its authentication.
  5. Copies of all documents: The consular section requires copies of all documents to be authenticated . Please present them attached to the completed E.I.S. form.
  6. All documents to be authenticated must be clearly arranged and labeled.