Legalization Section

 Please note that the Consulate only legalizes CANADIAN issued documents.

Please note that the consular section reserves the right to refuse the legalization of any document based on the Saudi government rules and regulations.

Legalization of pet documents

Please note that only domestic cats and certain breeds of dogs (used in hunting, guarding and guiding) are allowed entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Exotic and non-domestic pets as well as dangerous and aggressive dogs such as the Rotweiler or the Pitbull are strictly prohibited from entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Documents required

  1. Breed Certificate: A certificate pertaining to the details of the birth, breed and ownership of the pet must be prepared and signed by your veterinarian.
  2. Health certificate:  Your veterinarian must provide you with a health certificate for the pet, indicating that it has no communicable diseases or viruses and clearly indicating the vaccination against rabies and all up-to-date inoculations. 
  3. Both the breed certificate and the health certificate must be first stamped by a notary than by Canada Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade before being submitted to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. 
  4. Fees: Please pay through this Link to pay diractly LEGALIZATION
  5. Legalization form: Complete the legalization form, signed and dated.
  6. Sponsor residency: A copy of the owner’s residency (IQAMA)
  7. One copy of each document to be stamped attached to the legalization form 
  8. All documents to be authenticated must be clearly arranged and labeled 
Where to send your documents to be legalized

Saudi Consular Section
Legalization department
201 Sussex Dr. Ottawa, ON, K1N 1K6

 For the fast return of your documents, you must include with your documents:

XPRESS CANADA POST envelope with your complete address and telephone number. Please keep a copy of the tracking number for future reference.